Hot Clubs and Other Nightlife in London, England

What Can You Do in London at Night?

London at Night

London at Night

Have you visited London, England for business or pleasure? There are plenty of shopping and historical venues for you during the day. Tea at Harrod’s Department Store or a visit to Buckingham Palace might be on your list. However, don’t forget that you can enjoy plenty of excitement after the sun goes down too. Consider some plans you should make to fill up your evenings or even the wee hours of the morning in London.

Good London nightlife opportunities include:

  • Theater in the London Theater District
  • Hot clubs all over the city
  • A variety of different types of performers
  • Neighborhood pubs

Plays in the London Theater District

The Theater District in London can be compared to the best of Broadway in NYC. You have an opportunity to attend plays that will show you the best of the old classics or the latest first-run plays. Many movie and TV stars worked in this district early in their careers, and many of these stars return to this area again and again. You should absolutely consider catching plays and musicals in the London Theater District!

Hot Clubs in London

There are plenty of exciting and hot clubs in London, England. If you would like to spend your evening socializing and being entertained in London drinking establishments, you have plenty of choices. Choices range to hidden drinking clubs to friendly sidewalk pubs. Your choice depends upon your mood and budget at the moment.

The Experimental Cocktail Club is known as a hidden gem in the city. This bar is contained in two floors, and you can enjoy some fantastic mixed drinks in a blend of antiques and opulence.

There are also many alternative clubs for those who would like to experience different tastes while they are in the big city. The right choice in this clubs really depends upon your tastes.

Friendly pubs are located out in the open in many commercial districts. You can mingle with both locals and tourists here. Enjoy some great pub food with a pint of beer or a shandy.

For example, the Old Queen’s Head is well known for holding a massive party each night. This pub features either live music or a DJ. Other pubs are more subdued, so you can enjoy quiet conversations with your companions and people that you meet.

If you are not sure which type of place you would like to settle in, you might book a pub crawl. These organized events give you a chance to sample different establishments. That way, you can be sure to tell the folks back home that you experienced many different clubs and pubs, and you will know which ones you would like to return to.

The other good thing about a pub crawl is that they provide transportation, so you do not have to worry about finding a cab when you have had a few drinks.


If you prefer entertainment in a small setting, you can find many venues that feature a variety of illusionists and other types of performers. Also, enjoy laughs with local comic talent. You might discover a new up-and-comer before he gets famous, or you might even get a chance to see the act that a big star performs in this city.

If you feel like seeing a comic, magician, or even a more exotic type of entertainment, you can easily find the right choice in London!

Enjoy London At Night

Of course, there is plenty to do during the day in London. You will want to shop in famous stores, see historical sites, and take a trip up the Thames River. It is hard to believe that any tourist could run out of things to do in this historical and modern city.

Make certain that you save some energy for the evening too. You can find plenty of plays, hot London clubs, pubs, and entertainment selections for thousands of nights in London!

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